HDRC Trade In Trade up program


Looking to upgrade ?

If you are simply looking to upgrade your current RC equipment and want to trade in your older items this is for you.

You can be looking for only a remote to a complete RTR kit the choices are endless. We have access to every major manufacturer with kits and parts. We can put together a deal for you fairly fast. 

While we can not accept every upgrade people propose to us as the items being traded have to have a good fair market value and be of use to the majority of our customers. We certainly will do our best to make each and every deal come to life.

Our process is quite simple. Fill out the form below to get started with what you would like to trade along with what you are looking to trade for. When it comes to describing your trade in please describe everything as best as you can. 

You DO NOT have to live in NY to take advantage of this deal as we ship to all 50 states on a daily basis. 


Our Consignment Shop

Are you local to the Springville, NY area and looking to sell your RC items but classified ads are not working ?

Bring in your items and put them in our shop and we will sell them for you. We will keep them out so all customers and racers can see them, we will list them on our facebook pages as well. The BEST part is we do this all for FREE !

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